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Learn Quran

We will provide you classes through skype. We will teach you in your flexible timings.

Quran Reading

Quran Reading is a basic course in which kids learn to recite Holy Quran. A basic tajweed course is given to them before starting the Holy Quran. Please Register yourself.

Quran With Tajweed

Tajweed course has been basically designed for those who have already read holy quran many times but have a problem in pronouncing letters correctly. Please Register.

Qurani Qaida

E-Darul Quran offers a well organized and well designed Noorani Qaida free for its vistors to read it online at home. If you find it difficult to understand how to pronounce these letters.

Masnoon Duain

Masnoon Duain is a basic course in which kids learn to learn duain. Its good for them to memorize each dua for everything.


Namaz course is for everyone. We will teach you how to properly offer Namaz.

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Why Us?

Modern technology has given us a new and far-reaching way of teaching the verses and lessons of the Quran to studiers of Islam all over the world. Currently, our online Quran teachers assist learners in nearly 70 countries, and Quran lessons for kids are just one of our specialities. We can teach the Quran and Tajweed to students of all ages, and just because there are many benefits associated with learning as a child doesn’t mean it’s ever too late to start embracing the holy book’s teachings.

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  • We employ online Quran teachers that speak a range of languages.
  • We provide lessons online to make them accessible to learners across the globe.
  • We offer free trials so that you can test our services before parting with any money.
  • We have experience in teaching students at all levels of understanding.

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